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The Artibox Collective: Review and Impressions

We have all seen subscription boxes around. From snacks, coffee, beauty products, to cured meats (yes. cured meats) there is a monthly subscription box for just about everything under the sun. My birthday was at the end of January and one of the lovely gifts I received was from my sister in law and brother. They gifted me a box from Artibox Collective. I had never heard of this magical little.. Read More

My First LUSH Shopping Experience and Haul!

Somehow I have managed to make it nearly 30 years on this beautiful planet and never EVER set foot in a LUSH store. Until now. My friends Rebecca and Abbie have been singing the store’s praises in recent months, so I thought I should take a little peek. I knew going in that LUSH is a rather pricey store, so I went in somewhat guarded. I didn’t want to spend.. Read More

Younique 3D Fiber Lashes!

My Younique 3D Fiber Lash kit came in the mail this week and I wanted to post a review for you. I used them today for the second time so these are my very early impressions. I was looking for a mascara that would give a dramatic falsies look, so I started researching fiber lashes. A friend of mine is a Younique presenter (and I was admiring her long lashes on Instagram), so I.. Read More

MAC Cinderella Collection!

Here is a look at some of the items from the MAC Cinderella Collection that I was able to get my hands on. I did a quick review of a couple of these products on YouTube as well. Check out my video here! This collection was released in stores on March 5th in Canada and almost all items sold out quite quickly. I was lucky enough to purchase 4 items from the collection through.. Read More

Black Cherry by Revlon

I have been looking for a dark lipstick for fall and read a lot of reviews of Revlon’s “Black Cherry” lipstick. I wanted to get Tom Ford’s “Black Orchid”, but heard this was a good dupe and wanted to give it a shot. (Tom Ford “Black Orchid”) I picked one up this week to try creating my dramatic fall lip. I need to find a liner to match. I picked.. Read More

MAC Simpson’s Collection – “That Trillion Dollar Look” Eyeshdow Quad Review

I have 5 brothers and watched a LOT Simposon’s episodes over the years. In honour of the Simpson’s 25th anniversary, MAC has released a Marge Simpson’s collection, including two eyeshadow quads. I couldn’t resist. I had to get something from this collection! I purchased the “That Trillion Dollar Look” quad.   First, the packaging is adorable. Really adorable. The box is definitely a must keep. The palette itself is even.. Read More