I am a beauty and style addict who is passionate about healthy living and travel.

I have always loved makeup and cosmetics. From a young age, my grandmother played a huge role in introducing me to the world of style and beauty. As an accomplished ballroom dancer, my grandmother exuded glam, and does to this day. She would give me extra Clinique bonuses, eyeshadows, and lipsticks with which to experiment. Armed with these gifts, and products I would buy with my saved allowance, I would look through my coveted Kevin Aucoin books and my Seventeen magazines, trying to copy any look I could. Name a 90s beauty trend and I have tried it.

In addition to my beauty obsession, I am a handbag fiend and lover of travel and food. I am either on a trip or planning a trip. I don’t like to stay grounded for too long!

I am now a social media strategist and digital marketer, exploring and blogging and living in Kingston ON with my hubby, two cats, and my iPhone.

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